We’ll become your best ever tenants

We’ve pioneered the concept of Guaranteed Rent in London, Paris, Geneva, Brussels, Dublin, Rome and Malta

In an ever changing property market, we provide stability

We not only aim to make property investment more secure and less intensive, we’ve made the process of working with us as simple as possible too…

Let’s talk

Tell us about your property or portfolio and, if all goes well, we can arrange a time to view the property.

We make an offer

Once we’ve viewed your property, we’ll make you an offer for up to 3 years of tenancy or Property Management Services (depending on what you’ve asked for).

We take care of everything

If you accept our offer and agree terms, we’ll take over the property and manage everything.

You relax

If opting for Guaranteed Rent, after paying you up to 6 months rent upfront, you can look forward to enjoying 100% occupancy.

Why property owners love UpperKey

  • Expert Property Management

    We manage the property entirely, sourcing and vetting tenants, maintaining, repairing and ensuring that your property’s value is maximised at all times.

  • Guaranteed Rent

    When you start working with UpperKey, we become your tenant and pay you up to 6 months rent upfront and then monthly.

  • No Tenants or Agents to Deal With

    Aside from the cost, working with UpperKey removes the stress and time involved in managing tenants and agencies.

Why developers love UpperKey

  • Guaranteed Stability

    Boosting your income and guaranteeing occupancy rates to 100%, with UpperKey as a partner you’re able to leverage our 3 year leases to your advantage.

  • Expertise & Finance

    We have the expertise and backing to both finance and manage large, high value assets as we have been doing for many

  • Operational Excellence

    Our highly trained teams will always ensure only the highest standards in managing your property, always maintaining premium

Find out how much you can earn with UpperKey

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